We stArted the trainings for our reporters

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During this period we provide training for community reporters, Linda and Silviu Zsiga. The two are trained by Gergely Zsuzsa, editor at Radio Cluj.

The workshops are built on two levels, addressing on the one hand technical aspects, related to working with the equipment, and on the other hand basic elements of communication, such as:

  • How we present ourselves
  • What information should we include (with whom, about whom, about what)
  • What an interview means
  • How we prepare for an interview
  • How we ask, how we reformulate
  • What do we do when we get stuck
  • Community vs. non-community guests

The workshops will also have a section dedicated to journalistic contexts, which will focus on topics such as:

  • Areas (social, cultural, ecological, health) and how we approach them
  • How do we do a survey
  • How do we advertise
  • Practical exercises

At the end of the training period, Linda and Silviu will begin their on-field activity, in the communities of Pata Rât, Stephenson and Master Manole.

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