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Where can I listen to Radio Pata?

Radio Pata is not on FM, it’s online. It broadcasts through a dedicated application, which is currently under development. We’ll do the first tests on December 17th. Do you want to listen to it? Send us an email.

Who produces Radio Pata?

The simple answer: the team. The real answer: we hope you. Radio Pata is a community radio. This means that EVERYTHING, including the program schedule, the content of the programs is decided and produced by community members.

How do I get on Radio Pata?

Call us at +40724510464. We’ll figure it out.

Who owns Radio Pata?

At the moment, the project is being developed by the AltArt Foundation, but on the long run the radio must become the property of the community. We still don’t know how the transition will happen – the people of Pata will have to decide. Will they want to form an association or a cooperative? So it will be done.

With what money is Radio Pata financed?

Until 2023, with Norway Grants funds. But we are trying to get other funds as well, so that we can continue after the current financing ends.

How do I make a musical dedication on Radio Pata?

You can’t yet. But starting December we will begin to have shows where you can call and ask for a dedication.

How long will Radio Pata last?

Forever, we hope. We have funds to run Radio Pata until the summer of 2023. Until then we will try to find other funds so that we can continue. The maintenance of the radio does not cost much, but it is key to see the communities are into it.

I have another question.

Perfect, write us here.