About Radio Pata

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The Radio Pata project is a project initiated by The AltArt Foundation for Alternative Arts in partnership with The Community Association of Roma from Coastei, The General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Cluj, The Centre for the Study of Democracy and Stiftelsen Bergen Internasjonale Teater/BIT Teatergarasjen.

Within the project, the AltArt Foundation together with the partners implements Radio Pata, a community radio streaming 24/7 – co-created by the targeted communities (Pata Rât: 1400, Stephenson: 80, Master Manole: 150 people). Through horizontal co-decision making processes, members of target communities define programme structure and content, share information regarding community self-organization and city public services.

The project contributes to the inclusion of vulnerable groups in Pata Rât, Stephenson and Master Manole by increasing their resilience and ability to inform themselves, to assert their identity, to organize themselves, to demand their rights before the authorities, to access social services (education, employment, health, etc.), to catalyze processes of institutional transformation, to assert themselves culturally and socially and to participate in community life.

Using a horizontal approach, the project contributes to:

  • the empowerment of the target communities in terms of access to information, self-expression, self-representation, self-organization, social participation and resilience (with special focus on youth);
  • combating racism and discrimintation;
  • promoting the respect for human rights;
  • fighting antigypsysm and stereotypes.